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Manchester Airport Transfers & Taxis

The Manchester airport has a very well thought of taxi transfer system which is very convenient for its passengers. It has wide parking areas right outside the main terminal to keep the passenger traffic in flow in and out of the airport. The airport is situated about ten miles from the central heart of the city and you can take a cab outside from the airport at less than £ 20 easily.

The airport is connected directly to the M56 motorway that goes around the Manchester city and links with all the main roads of the city hence making it very easy for the passengers to hire a cab on the spot and get going on with their journey at very affordable prices. You can pre-book the taxi before your arrival on the airport as there are six different types of Vehicle Companies working as taxi and transfer service at the terminal. The moment you walk out of the terminal you’ll find queues and queues of different taxis rowed up in front of you plus there is always a hassle booking a taxi on the spot, all sort of the dealers rushing over to you and then deciding which one is the best to choose from.

Therefore it is advisable that you book your vehicle in advance as then you can go over the details of your route and work out the cheapest possible fares as there are many discounts on booking in advance like getting 10% off on return when booking taxi beforehand for both ways (getting out and coming back to the airport). There are different sort of vehicles for the use of different size of families and their use, however they cost more, the larger the vehicle is more it will cost the rent, they rent can go as high as up to £ 45.