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Manchester Airport

Airports are very important in the development of country. Airports are somehow output of the country progress or you can say that an airport represents the country and its averment to the people who travels from all over the world through aeroplanes to your country. Now it depends upon the workers and the administration of the airport what kind of impression they impart on the people who travel. If they take a lot of care for their passengers and try to facilitate them as much as they can then it would definitely impart excellent impression about the country to the passengers. One of the largest and beautiful airports in the world is Manchester airport in UK. It was named earlier as ring way airport. Its construction started on 28 November 1935 and completed on 25 June 1938. During World War 2 the royal air force RAF of England used it as their base. It is an international airport at ring way Manchester England and is the only airport having two runways over 3000 meters of length other than London Heathrow which is the biggest in England. According to latest statics Manchester airport is a 3rd busiest in UK and 23 rd busiest in Europe. It can accommodate 18892756 passengers with ease and comfort. Aircrafts movement’s i.e. takeoff and landing is about 167469 in number a day.

The scenery is very charming and beautiful who ever flies through this airport always have a good mark of recollection into his mind. It has two beautiful runways of concrete and grooves asphalt 3048 and 3050 meters respectively. It also has 3 passengers’ terminals; 1, 2 and 3. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected with Sky Bridge and in this pathway there is elevators or horizontal escalator for the passengers to move with ease and comfort so that they may not get fatigue and move easily within 10 to 15 minutes. The terminal 3 is connected to terminal 1.

It has the facility to provide regular direct flights from Manchester airport go all over the world with 60 airways or airlines. This airport offers 190 destinations all over the world. Some famous and major airlines who offer flights are Turkish airlines, US airways, united airways, European air lines, skyways, Pakistan international airlines, Qatar airways etc. These are some passenger airlines. Cargo airlines which carry luggage and belongings to all over the world are other than that which is Cathay pacific cargo, FedEx cargo, TNT airways etc. Passenger’s number at Manchester airport was at its peak in 2006 with over 22.4 million.

There are facility to provide different kinds of delicious meals, snacks, fast foods, Chinese and breakfast to the people in waiting area. There are hotels and rest areas for the passengers who have to wait in waiting area for many hours. They have business lounges for the business class people where there are business meeting halls for them which save the time of people. There is playing area for children so they can easily pass their time. There are medical stores and free dispensary services. There is bus and coach facility which is airport's ground transport. There are over 300 trains, 100 coaches and 500 buses which serves the passengers. It is at 20 minutes drive from Manchester city centre and is reached by M56 motorway. The short stay car parking can be found in the multi story car parking adjacent to terminals 1, 2 and 3. Manchester Airport eases its customers with such comfort that they are forced to travel through it.

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GMT +0.0
Latitude (DD):
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Latitude (DMS):
53° 21’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
2° 16’ 0" W
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