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Being the third largest airport of Europe in term of passenger traffic annually it is very important to have a proper ground transport system as well to keep the traffic in move and avoid over crowded situations at the terminal. The owners Manchester airport system has taken great care of their passengers to provide them with every possible ease in going out of the airport and coming in at the airport.

There are multi story car parking system for short stay adjacent to every terminal. All the parking areas are color coded with the ceilings, wall and floors to indicate empty parking space and there are two car-parking for long stay near the terminal that can be reached though shuttle bus service that leaves airport every fifteen minutes. The airport is connected directly with motorway M56 that leads straight to the Manchester city which is a 20 minutes drive from the airport. And the main road A538 that runs from northwest (Wilmslow) to the airport and also lead to minor local roads to the north and east.

Once a passenger learns about the major motorways leading out and in to the airport pointing out your destination on the GPRS or the maps becomes very easy and one can move around freely in the city without the help of guide or the need of driver to compensate your privacy. The cars can be hired at the terminal of the airport as there are seven car hire companies working on the base of the airport. There are different sort of vehicles that can be hired or the taxis with varying charges. You can adjust the navigation system of your mobile or vehicle by putting in the nav. Code of the airport that is : M90 1QX and it will take you to the general airport site and from there you can mark your ways in and out of the airport.

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