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Sunday 28 August 2016
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Manchester Airport, Ground Floor, Arrivals Hall, Manchester, M90 1QX (United Kingdom)
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Manchester Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Manchester Airport Arrivals

Manchester Airport UK allows the citizens to access the information relative to any particular flight flying to and from Manchester United. When you have your relative or a dear friend arriving at the airport you do not want to be late and have them waiting for you as it will be very hostile. Manchester Airport UK acknowledges that and therefore for costumers ease they have launched an official website. The website consists of detailed information about every flight. This information helps the people interested in picking their guest to manage their schedule and get time out to pick them. Manchester Airport UK’s official website has really facilitated the customers with this easy to access designee.

Knowing the flights arrival time is of great priority and therefore the information relative to the flight is given with the arrangement based on timings. There is a whole chart made on the website for the flight information giving the name and number of the airline, its arriving time, its departure time and it also shows the route of the airline taken, so that you can keep a track of the flight and reach on time to pick your guest. The flight that is expected to land earlier is at the above of the chart and the one later is as follows.

The official website of Manchester Airport UK also updates latest flights arriving information that includes any delays in flights. Passengers prefer to arrive at the Manchester Airport UK as it is the centre of the city and therefore easily accessible to many spots and other cities as well. The airport has parking areas to park your car while receiving your arrived guest. You can also hire a car after arriving and checking out of the terminal for your convenience.

Airliner Flight Origin Status Sched.
Jet2 LS 810 Malaga (AGP) Landed 15:05
Flybe BE 3128 Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Landed 15:05
Air France AF 5010 Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Landed 15:05
Virgin Atlantic VS 8367 Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Landed 15:05
easyJet U2 134 Belfast Aldergrove (BFS) Landed (Delayed) 15:10
Monarch Airlines ZB 3763 Funchal (FNC) Landed 15:15
easyJet U2 1948 Athens (ATH) Landed 15:15
Thomson TOM 2725 Kavala (KVA) Landed 15:15
Jet2 LS 962 Dubrovnik (DBV) Landed 15:20
Jet2 LS 884 Pisa (PSA) Landed 15:20
Thomson TOM 2717 Zakinthos (ZTH) Landed 15:20
Thomas Cook Airlines TCX 2177 Kalamata (KLX) Landed 15:25
Jet2 LS 876 Faro (FAO) Landed 15:25
Turkish Airlines TK 1995 Istanbul Ataturk (IST) Landed 15:30
easyJet U2 1832 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 15:30
Etihad Airways EY 21 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
Jet Airways (India) 9W 6388 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
American Airlines AA 9059 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
Air Malta KM 2146 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
Air New Zealand NZ 4281 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
South African Airways SA 2336 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
TAP Portugal TP 6907 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
SriLankan Airlines UL 2321 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
Virgin Australia VA 7021 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
flynas XY 3021 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Landed (Delayed) 15:35
Monarch Airlines ZB 543 Lanzarote (ACE) Landed (Delayed) 15:40
SAS SK 4609 Oslo (OSL) Landed (Delayed) 15:40
Etihad Airways EY 5761 Oslo (OSL) Landed (Delayed) 15:40
Flybe BE 481 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Air France AF 6486 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Finnair AY 6662 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Emirates EK 4152 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Etihad Airways EY 6116 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Virgin Atlantic VS 8351 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 15:45
Flybe BE 375 Exeter (EXT) Landed 15:55
Finnair AY 6704 Exeter (EXT) Landed 15:55
Emirates EK 4174 Exeter (EXT) Landed 15:55
Etihad Airways EY 6056 Exeter (EXT) Landed 15:55
Virgin Atlantic VS 8405 Exeter (EXT) Landed 15:55
Ryanair FR 2132 Lanzarote (ACE) Landed (Delayed) 15:55
Flybe BE 3234 Lyon St Exupéry (LYS) Landed (Delayed) 16:00
Air France AF 6538 Lyon St Exupéry (LYS) Landed (Delayed) 16:00
Flybe BE 1040 Aberdeen (ABZ) Landed 16:00
Finnair AY 6702 Aberdeen (ABZ) Landed 16:00
Emirates EK 4271 Aberdeen (ABZ) Landed 16:00
Etihad Airways EY 6061 Aberdeen (ABZ) Landed 16:00
Virgin Atlantic VS 8311 Aberdeen (ABZ) Landed 16:00
Flybe BE 6975 Inverness (INV) En Route 16:05
Air France AF 6485 Inverness (INV) En Route 16:05
Etihad Airways EY 6094 Inverness (INV) En Route 16:05
Flybe BE 869 Southampton (SOU) Landed (Delayed) 16:05
Finnair AY 6690 Southampton (SOU) Landed (Delayed) 16:05
Emirates EK 4214 Southampton (SOU) Landed (Delayed) 16:05
Etihad Airways EY 6125 Southampton (SOU) Landed (Delayed) 16:05
Virgin Atlantic VS 8489 Southampton (SOU) Landed (Delayed) 16:05
Flybe BE 354 Newquay (NQY) Landed 16:10
Finnair AY 6686 Newquay (NQY) Landed 16:10
Emirates EK 4196 Newquay (NQY) Landed 16:10
Etihad Airways EY 6063 Newquay (NQY) Landed 16:10
Virgin Atlantic VS 8465 Newquay (NQY) Landed 16:10
Thomson TOM 2707 Faro (FAO) En Route 16:10
Aer Lingus EI 3726 Cork (ORK) Landed 16:25
Etihad Airways EY 7952 Cork (ORK) Landed 16:25
TAP Portugal TP 322 Lisbon (LIS) Landed (Delayed) 16:30
Etihad Airways EY 5844 Lisbon (LIS) Landed (Delayed) 16:30
Flybe BE 818 Isle Of Man (IOM) Landed 16:35
Air France AF 6423 Isle Of Man (IOM) Landed 16:35
Finnair AY 6680 Isle Of Man (IOM) Landed 16:35
Etihad Airways EY 6119 Isle Of Man (IOM) Landed 16:35
Ryanair FR 3247 Stuttgart (STR) En Route (Delayed) 16:40
British Airways BA 1396 Heathrow (LHR) Landed 16:40
American Airlines AA 6467 Heathrow (LHR) Landed 16:40
Air Berlin AB 5140 Heathrow (LHR) Landed 16:40
Iberia IB 7678 Heathrow (LHR) Landed 16:40
Lufthansa LH 2502 Munich (MUC) Landed 16:40
Austrian OS 7363 Munich (MUC) Landed 16:40
United Airlines UA 8984 Munich (MUC) Landed 16:40
Ryanair FR 3235 Eindhoven (EIN) Landed (Delayed) 16:45
KLM KL 1093 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Jet Airways (India) 9W 8693 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Aeromexico AM 6648 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Gol G3 5544 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Kenya Airways KQ 1093 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
UIA PS 9493 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Aeroflot SU 3160 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Landed 16:45
Flybe BE 7354 Milan Malpensa (MXP) En Route (Delayed) 16:45
Virgin Atlantic VS 8453 Milan Malpensa (MXP) En Route (Delayed) 16:45
Finnair AY 937 Helsinki (HEL) En Route 17:00
British Airways BA 6007 Helsinki (HEL) En Route 17:00
JAL JL 6839 Helsinki (HEL) En Route 17:00
Aer Lingus EI 3326 Dublin (DUB) Landed 17:10
British Airways BA 2096 Dublin (DUB) Landed 17:10
Etihad Airways EY 7954 Dublin (DUB) Landed 17:10
Brussels Airlines SN 2177 Brussels (BRU) En Route 17:10
Aegean Airlines A3 3024 Brussels (BRU) En Route 17:10
bmi Regional BM 6177 Brussels (BRU) En Route 17:10
ANA NH 5131 Brussels (BRU) En Route 17:10
United Airlines UA 9909 Brussels (BRU) En Route 17:10
Ryanair FR 39 Limoges (LIG) Landed 17:10
Flybe BE 483 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 17:20
Emirates EK 4154 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 17:20
Etihad Airways EY 6110 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 17:20
Virgin Atlantic VS 8353 Belfast City (BHD) Landed 17:20
Flybe BE 1276 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) En Route 17:20
Etihad Airways EY 6114 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) En Route 17:20
Virgin Atlantic VS 8325 Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) En Route 17:20
Lufthansa LH 946 Frankfurt (FRA) En Route (Delayed) 17:25
Austrian OS 7379 Frankfurt (FRA) En Route (Delayed) 17:25
United Airlines UA 9362 Frankfurt (FRA) En Route (Delayed) 17:25
Flybe BE 458 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:30
Emirates EK 4192 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:30
Virgin Atlantic VS 8447 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:30
easyJet U2 1986 Copenhagen (CPH) En Route (Delayed) 17:35
Flybe BE 454 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:40
Finnair AY 6698 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:40
Emirates EK 4190 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:40
Etihad Airways EY 6095 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:40
Virgin Atlantic VS 8443 Jersey (JER) En Route 17:40
Thomson TOM 2745 Heraklion (HER) Scheduled 17:45
easyJet U2 1898 Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) En Route (Delayed) 17:50
SAS SK 2549 Stockholm (ARN) En Route (Delayed) 17:55
Etihad Airways EY 5756 Stockholm (ARN) En Route (Delayed) 17:55
easyJet U2 1928 Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) En Route 17:55
easyJet U2 1952 Geneva (GVA) En Route (Delayed) 17:55
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